Sushi is Japans national dish consisting of a mixture of rice and vinegar, along with various toppings (such as fish or shellfish). It is a common misapprehension that all sushi contains or consists of raw fish. Raw fish is a key ingredient, but are is not used in all types of sushi. Sushi can also, for example be deep-fried (tempura).


Nigiri 2 pieces, Sashimi 3 slices

1Sake: Salmon69,-

2Maguro: Tuna84,-

3Ohio: Halibut 99.-

4Tako: Octopus 73,-

5Kingfish Hamachi: Yellow Tail115,-

6Ebi: Steamed dumpling 89,-

7Kuzira: Whale 69.-

8Hotate: Scallops 105,-

9Kani: King Crab 129,-

10Unagi: Eel 109,-

11Ise Ebi: Hummer 139,-

12Ama Ebi: Raw shrimp 79,-

13Kaki: Oysters 79,-

14MahiMahi: Gold Mackerel 79,-

15Toro: Tuna 129,-

16Toothfish: Toothfish 109,-

17Suzuki: Sea bass 84,-


Ura Maki

Ura Maki 6 pieces

20Crispy spicy tuna109,-

Deep fried in Panco, tuna, cucumber, chilli mayonnaise and sesame oil

21California maki125,-

Cooked crab, avocado and sesame seeds

22Hotate maki109.-

Scallops, chilli mayonnaise, coriander and sesame seeds


Deep fried prawns, avocado and sesame

24Hot Philadelphia99,-

Salmon, scallions and hot Philadelphia cream cheese

25Sakura maki99,-

Salmon, avocado and sesame

26Cheesy Eel 99.-

Deep fried maki with eel and cream cheese


Gunkan Maki

Gunkan Maki 2 pieces


Salmon roe and quail


Flying fish roe


Spicy salmon and cucumber


Spicy tuna and cucumber



Sashimi 3 slices

31Smoked halibut189,-

with soy sauce, onion and goji berries

32Yellowtail and black caviar189,-

with oriental sauce


with yuzu-pepper oil and wasabi sour cream


in truffle soybean oil


with shiso pesto and ginger, ponzu


with honey and mango dressing

37"Torched" scallops 179.-

with truffle ponzu and Yuzukosho mayonnaise

38Six oysters 239.-

served with three different sauces